A scientific paper

A scientific paper is a work reflecting the results of the research activities of the author (authors). For scientific articles characterized compound and complex sentences. The information is presented clearly, specifically, details.

The academic writing in the Humanities, Economics, pedagogy, philosophy or sociology is no different from each other. In any scientific article, you must describe the actuality and novelty of research aim and objectives, conclusions. Relevance – description of the existing problems of the topic, which is the subject of a scientific paper. Novelty – unlike your article from publications of other authors. In most cases, the authors write research papers on popular topics, for example – “problems of development of small entrepreneurship in Russia”. The paper aims to study the scientific works of other authors, to determine the aspect of the problem which they did not disclose and try to open it in your scientific paper (in the main part of the work).

 The goal is the answer to the question: “what do we want to do?”. Goal setting should be done after the determination of novelty. For example, other authors have not used mathematical methods of analysis in the study of problems of small business and therefore their predictions cannot be considered adequate. In this case, you can set a goal – define the problem using mathematical methods that will allow you to build a reliable forecast for the next few years.

Nic Brown

A 36-year-old freelance journalist based in USA, Calofirnia