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A scientific paper

A scientific paper is a work reflecting the results of the research activities of the author (authors). For scientific articles characterized compound and complex sentences. The information is presented clearly, specifically, details.

Secrets of writing articles

A few words about how to write an article for Western journals, and to our too. If you write good article to our journal, the editorial Board will be glad. I have a lot of articles in Western journals. First, each journal his style, but there are some General things that I will tell you. People write in different journals, and know ahead of time all styles is impossible.
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First thing: knowledge of the English language. I want to draw your attention that until the 2nd world war, the basic mathematical language was French. Aleksandrov, Kolmogorov, and other mathematicians published their works in French. Engineering language was German, my mother used to say that in English they read something, but dictionaries, reference books, articles, everything was in German.

One more thing. Do not invent signs that are not accepted in the world, we love to invent their own symbols, their own terms. Sorry for whom is written the article? Written for the scientific community, if you use the terminology and notation other than in the community, why should you expect that the community will see your work. No one will watch. It's always the same error.

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